Community Employment Services

CCCA is actively involved in community projects in conjunction with its government and community service partners. We have a long history of providing consulting services and career development support in the community and educational sector. To find out more about our services or discuss customised programs to suit the needs of special groups contact us on:
(03) 9433 8009 or email: [email protected]

Read more about our Ready2Work projects here

CCCA has been instrumental in providing career development support for our community’s most vulnerable jobseekers in a wide range of projects. Through our Ready2Work program, we provide the Employment Readiness ScaleTM (ERS) online assessment so vulnerable jobseekers are able to develop the capacity, skills and confidence to find work or pursue skills and training pathways to employment.

 We provide improvement services to recruitment organisations, mental health NFP’s, community service providers, refugee organisations and skills and job centres so they can deliver best-practice support to jobseekers. Our improvement services include establishment and training in the ERS, audit and benchmarking services and staff professional standard reviews.

 For community service providers seeking to establish job or career services, our consulting services can help you design and establish the right service with the right resources and tools.

Services for Community Service Providers
  • Consulting audits and benchmarking services
  • Career development content and resource review
  • Career development service design and implementation
  • Industry specific presentations
  • Resume and Cover Letter Writing workshops
  • Interview skills workshops
  • On site Career Guidance
  • Vocational Assessment delivery and/or providing career guidance post, Morrisby Online or Employment Readiness Scale ™ (ERS) tool
  • Job Campaigns
  • Work Experience for Young People with disability
  • Graduate work readiness and job preparation
  • Making Successful transitions


CCCA provides career development support for a range of education providers including secondary schools, special development schools, TAFE skills and job centres and universities.

Services for Secondary Schools

  • Subject selection
  • Change of preference
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Morrisby Assessment and feedback to students
  • Career conversation workshops for students and teaching staff
  • Industry emersion
  • Parent workshops
  • Guidance for principals seeking to develop their school’s career development program.

Services for Community Colleges, TAFE'S and Universities 

  • Career counselling support
  • Temporary Staffing
  • Career development service design and implementation
  • Professional standards qualification reviews
  • Support for career/job program development and implementation.



A range of workshops are available and our team is available to customise or develop workshops tailored to the needs of your organisation or clients.

  • Study Skills
  • Career Decision Making
  • Labour Market and Pathway options
  • Work Readiness and Job Preparation
  • Resume and Cover Letters
  • Interview preparation and mock interviews
  • Engaging Parents in Career Conversations (EPICC) 
  • Parents as Career Transition Support (PACT)         
  • Preparing for the future world of work
  • Supporting your child to make wise career decisions
  • Graduate outcomes.

Disability Services 

Our team has delivered career projects supporting people with a disability and developed a range of focused resources and tools. Our qualified counsellors provide ongoing career development support for participants with a disability.

Disability Career Development Services

  • Individual career development counselling
  • Parent presentations and workshops
  • Consulting services for development schools
  • Career conversations and planning


  • Fast fact sheets for: preparing for work; starting work; where the jobs are now; entering the job marketing and starting with the NDIS; 10 things you love to do, and top 5 actions for parents and carers.
  • Career Planning for young people with disabilities, a collection of case studies that demonstrates the experiences and strategies of young people to support them in their personal career planning and management.
  • Building Ability Through Career Management Videos.

Our Standards

Our team are accredited Career Counselling practitioners. We adhere to the CICA Professional Standards for Career Development Practitioners and are a Member Association of CICA.