Career Development Explained

What is Career Development?

Career Development is not recruiting and is more than just job searching. It encompasses what is required of each of us to pursue employment goals and gain work throughout our life.

To be ‘work ready’ each of us must understand what is required by employers and workplaces. We must know our likes and dislikes so we can set goals to develop the skills and capacity to fulfill certain roles and successfully apply for jobs. This includes pursing the right education and skills training, making targeted written applications, knowing how to search for jobs and succeeding at interviews. When we have these skills and capacities, we become more confident and able to navigate and adapt to ever-changing labour markets.

While some people may want to secure ongoing work throughout their life, others may wish to purse specific goals and work at activities that are incredibly satisfying and challenging. For each one of us our goals and journey will be different. Career practitioners are trained to support each of us to successfully pursue and reach the career goal that matters to us.

Career development skills are for life.  Ideally, we are taught these skills and supported to practice them throughout our life – for those who have not had this experience, professional support is available through career counselling.


Career Development Services Include:
  • Work readiness assessment and use of proven vocational assessment tools
  • Identification of work barriers and targeted interventions
  • Goal setting, planning and management
  • Understanding workplaces and specific industries
  • Information about free and paid training and education, including how this links to work pathways
  • Resume and letter writing skills
  • Interviewing and role play training
  • Job search skills training
  • Interview feedback
  • Outplacement and career change support
  • Educational transitioning support
  • Career planning and transitioning with a disability
  • Supporting your child’s career planning or transition from education



Read more about the Government’s blueprint for Career Development and remember to always choose an accredited, professional career practitioner to support you.