Explore Your Interests

Exploring your interests and discovering what is important to you now is a great place to start when considering career options. There are many vocational assessment tools available that you can use to discover more about yourself. The purpose of a vocational assessment is to assist you in clarifying and defining work and career options. These are preferably consistent with your skills, experience, aptitude, physical capability, and personal preference with regard to the type of work you would find satisfying. 

Here are a few options to consider:

Free CCCA Resources

Five steps to getting your career started

Skills, Strengths and Interests

What do you value in a job

Preferred Working Conditions

CEAV Career Tools

CEAV Career Tools is a valuable career resource where you will find career information for individuals, parents and carers, students and job seekers.

Explore the Career Targets to research occupations related to specific interest areas such as Art, History, Construction, Media, Community Services, Health and many more.

Free online Tools

My Career Profile
My Future
You will need to sign up so you can create a profile and save your information. Click on My career profile, the activities here will help you to explore career pathways and develop self-knowledge for career decision making.

Career Quiz
Job Outlook
The Job Outlook Career Quiz will help you to understand your work style and to explore careers you might enjoy.

Skills Match
Job Outlook
Thinking of changing jobs? Skills Match will show you jobs or careers that use your skills.

Vocational Assessments

CCCA Career Counsellors are trained to administer the following Vocational Assessments.

Self-Directed Search (SDS) - acer.org
The SDS is designed to help you explore career options. This is a paper based tool.

Morrisby Online - careeranalysts.com.au
Morrisby Online offers a reliable career assessment tool for students and adults to assist in their career decision making process. 

Morrisby Online accurately measures aptitudes, learning styles and personal working preferences, and offers a personality test and career interests questionnaire. 

Takes around 80-90 minutes to complete

Can be completed at home via login details provided by CCCA.

All Vocational Assessments include a one hour career counselling session to review your results contact [email protected]