About Us

CEAV Career Counselling Australia (CCCA) is a division of The Australian Centre for Career Education, a national association and thought leader in career development. Our accredited team provide professional career counselling services, benchmarking audits and assessments, and projects that increase employment outcomes for our community’s most disadvantaged job seekers through our Ready2Work Program.

If you are looking to establish goals, transition from education to work, increase your employability, change careers, or overcome barriers to employment, then call us on (03) 9433 8000. Our professional team is here to help you.

We offer a wide range of career services and can support you with structured skills to build the career you want. Our career counsellors can improve your work readiness so you can gain and successfully sustain employment. We are a licensed associate and training provider for the internationally validated Employment Readiness Scale™ - a self-assessment tool that helps identify how ready you are for work.

The ERS is included in our counselling services and provides you with a career action plan. During your session, our career counsellor will explain your action plan and help you identify the most useful supports and actions needed to reach your goals.

Person-centred Career Counselling

If you already know your goals but are facing barriers to work, our career counsellors will help you navigate a way forward. It is not uncommon for people to wonder why they cannot find employment. Our career counsellors can help you understand your barriers to successful employment and address these with targeted interventions. We can also help you understand the skills and courses that are available to support you on your employment journey.

Our services are available as individual face-to-face sessions and via teleconsulting.

Who We Support

  • Youth
  • Graduates
  • Adults
  • Long term unemployed
  • Veterans
  • Defence wives
  • Asylum Seekers and refugees
  • People with a disability
  • Forensic/community re-entry
  • Career changers
  • Retrenched workers 

CCCA is a registered charity with DGR status.  We develop partnerships with industry, governments, training organisations and community service providers to support clients to become work-ready and gain sustainable employment. Our mission is to ensure members of our community develop the skills, capacity, and confidence to navigate the ever-changing labour market.

Who We Work With

Some of our partners and sponsors include: Education Department Victoria, Department of Jobs and Precincts and Regions, Dandenong City Council, Hume City Council, Victorian State Secondary Schools, Chisholm Jobs and Skills Centre, Asylum Resource Centre, Juno Passport to Work, Brotherhood of St. Laurence, Australia Post, The Hotel School, Trodel (Eastern Press), Melbourne Polytechnic, Wear for Success, Victoria University – Nuclear Medicine, Peter McCallum, Swinburne, Boating Industry Australia, Industry Training Australia, Ask Izzy, Myfuture, DHHS.

Our Professional Standards

CCCA is a division of The Australian Centre for Career Education, a professional member association of the Career Industry Council of Australia (CICA). Our team are accredited professionals who adhere to the industry’s Professional Standards for Career Development Practitioners and follow a professional code of ethics.

For professional help make sure you choose an accredited career practitioner.


The CEAV Career Counselling Australia vision is aimed at building the capacity of those most disadvantaged in the community to manage their career development so that they can lead productive and successful lives.


Our mission is to provide careers counselling services to increase participation in the workforce and provide relief from poverty. Our careers counselling services focus on overcoming the specific barriers to gaining employment, entering training and further education, returning to study.

CCCA Board of Directors

CEAV Careers Counselling Australia is governed by a Board of Directors that meets regularly to consider social justice issues in relation to accessing professional careers guidance for the most disadvantaged in our community.  The CCCA Board of Directors are all experienced qualified professionals with links to industry, government, corporate and educational organisations.  The Board of Directors meet with leading industry partners and stakeholders to set the agenda for change in the delivery of career careers services and they analyse and review practices to ensure currency of purpose and delivery of quality outcomes for all CCCA clients.

CEAV Career Counselling Australia Board of Directors 2020


Bernadette Gigliotti

Naomi Corlett

Frank Thompson

David Baber

Jane Stewart

Madeleine Babiolakis

Lee Ponsioen - Company Secretary