David Osborne Community Careers Centre

The Community Careers Centre is open five days a week Monday to Friday from 8:30am to 4:30pm.

The hub welcomes all ages and members of the public to use the careers library space, and provides free access to career resources and information, computers, internet, printing, and a variety of Job Searching tools. Our friendly staff are there to support you with any questions you may have or help you locate career information to support you with your career goals. If you have more complex barriers to gaining employment we recommend that you make an appointment with one of our friendly career counsellors.

If you have any questions about the David Osborne Community Careers Centre or would like to visit, please do not hesitate to contact one of our friendly staff on (03) 9433 8009 or email: [email protected]

David Osborne

David Osborne

Building Careers through Respect, Hope and Guidance

Honouring David Osborne

The David Osborne Community Careers Centre provides a space where you will be supported through access to quality careers counselling, resources including information on study and work options, assistance with resume building as well as workshops and networking opportunities.

David Osborne was a founding member of the Careers Education Association of Victoria and a true professional who led by example. Through determination, collaboration, and a genuine desire to see the people he worked with improve and succeed he inspired generations of teachers to become career practitioners. For those career practitioners his message included providing a client centred service in an unbiased way. He encouraged reflective practise to help build capacity in young people, giving them the best chance of a successful future. His involvement in our association, coming in during its founding years, has seen the growth of the CEAV from humble beginnings into a leading professional association.

During one of his last engagements with the CEAV, David was acknowledged for a lifetime of contributions to the career industry and his dedication to the development of the early careers of so many CEAV members. Affectionately known as Mr VTAC, he received a standing ovation from his peers in recognition of his work in the field and his outstanding contributions to all members and the wider careers community across Victoria.  On this occasion he was honoured by the presence of a number of founding members, lifetime members and colleagues from VTAC all of whom gathered to acknowledge the work of this unassuming true professional.

As career practitioners we are service providers, and David provided continuing service to members and his colleagues without distinction between systems or services. David willingly shared his expertise with schools, vocational education providers and higher education providers, and he supported the work of community agencies providing career services to disengaged youth and young adults.  As a mentor to new career practitioners, David was an exemplary model of best practice.

It was our absolute privilege to have had known him and our pleasure to name the newly opened CEAV Community Careers Centre in his honour.

CEAV Career Counselling Australia provides careers counselling services to increase participation in the work force and provide relief from poverty.

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