Good News Stories



I contacted Jenifer Ebdon from the Council, who referred me to Leah Pappas from the CEAV in December 2018. Leah was very kind and supportive and started working with me on a one-on-one basis. I applied for a role with the ATO and was shortlisted to the final 20, out of 250 applications and was interviewed at two levels. These were the first job interviews I had ever landed and I was very close to securing a position with the ATO thanks to the professional training I had received through this program by CEAV. I realised I had come a long way in a short period of time.

The tools and resources that were offered to me, ERS and Morrisby Online to mention a few were so empowering and eye-opening. They gave a totally new perspective on my life and circumstances. I had regained my self-esteem, dignity and composure and I felt I was literally saved and revived! In addition to the professional training and counselling, Leah, Lynn and Dee encouraged me to pursue my other business and employment ideas as well as upskilling, in order to realise my full potential. Leah assisted me in applying for funding through the City of Greater Dandenong Council for a short course in Translation with RMIT, followed by a NAATI exam for the same. Leah and Lynn liaised with RMIT and NAATI to make it possible for me to successfully meet my objectives. Despite the challenges along the way, I managed to obtain my translation accreditation. This positioned me well in the industry and helped me secure more work, topping up my existing income.

Through the CR project, I gained confidence, came out of my comfort zone and developed a network and connected with more professionals and found out about the LaunchMe program. I successfully secured a place in LaunchMe, which provided me access to a coach with the Good Shepherd Microfinance, Yvette Hayes and a business mentor through the Small Business Mentoring Services (SBMS) called Guy Ward as well as a free short course in Bookkeeping and Finance. This short course exposed me to practical and real-life bookkeeping experience which complemented my academic knowledge of accounting. As a result, I approached a few accountants for freelance contracts of their clients' bookkeeping, out of which, a well-known and popular public accountant promised me some freelance bookkeeping work.

Today, I find myself well-positioned in the administrative services industry with a portfolio of services that I offer. I have gained confidence and courage and learnt many valuable skills and also embarked on developing a fashion business online, which seems indeed promising since it's very early stages, as I have been utilising my passion about creativity and design. I already had my first couple of sales before doing any marketing.

I feel happier and healthier now and am so grateful for the changes that happened and my decision to join the program. Now, I am able to pursue my postgraduate studies, which I have always intended to. I think I have come a long way and when I look back at my circumstances less than two years ago, I feel like I have been literally rescued and revived. I don't see any psychologists these days, as my mental health issues are not as serious, while I believe I might still need or benefit from a few sessions or some ongoing counselling. I would like to sincerely thank the Victorian Government, The City of Greater Dandenong Council and the CEAV for making this transition possible for me.


I started coming to CEAV for professional career advice when I found myself unemployed and left wondering why I wasn’t securing any job interviews.

I am so happy I did as I received wonderful advice from the career counsellor who was non-judgemental and genuine in helping me find long term employment.

She helped me improve my resume so it looked polished and professional, showed me where and how to look for work and this has boosted my confidence.


CEAV Career Counselling Australia and the team of career counsellors are doing outstanding work to get people ready for work. They provide an amazing service to people who need help and guidance to become work ready to secure a job in your field or area of interest. They are experts in their field.

I was able to get guidance about my career, for example, how to search jobs, different resources I can use, and how I can improve my interview skills. I was guided on how to write cover letters and resumes for jobs. Whenever I met with the career counsellor I always learnt something new to help me achieve my goals and felt motivated.  


CCCA Career Counselling has given me the means to perform well in interviews, and I feel more confident in myself.

This has helped me secure a position at Dorevitch Pathology.

I received help with how to research information online, what to look for and how to find it. I believe the CCCA delivered quality service, and I liked being able to email and call to discuss important issues.


CEAV Career Counselling Australia has supported me to prepare for work, and connected me to other support services. I attended six face to face career guidance sessions and was able to identify my level of work readiness by doing a self-assessment with the Employment Readiness Scale. After identifying my potential and gaps, we focused on strengthening these areas. We developed an action plan and I began preparing my Resume, Cover Letter and was referred to a program to improve my interview skills. In addition, I was referred to services to provide me with a suit for interviews. Without your effort made my dream cannot be true. You motivated me in all directions so I had the skills to secure a job in my area of interest. When I contacted you I had applied for Centrelink and I had no income. Now I am earning a living and can support my family.


My name is Sitha, I would like to share my experience with CEAV Career Counselling Australia. In the beginning, it was hard for me to share the challenges that I was facing to gain employment. The career counsellor was very patient and has taught me to be strong and brave. They helped me to understand the work ready skills I needed in order to change my life, and become work ready and navigate these challenges. I started to share my story and they helped me to make changes day by day in my life, giving me ideas and showing me how I can become stronger and more self-sufficient. Helping me to improve my English, how to describe my skills in an interview and how to present myself. I gained a Food Handling certificate, this has allowed me to secure a job. In the future, I would like to study Cert III Aged Care. I would like to thank CEAV Career Counselling Australia for supporting me through my hard times.


I came across CEAV Career Counselling Australia when I did a google search of career counselling services in my local area. I am so glad I contacted them as they have been nothing short of fantastic throughout the entire process.

It all started with Emily from administration who is the perfect person to have as the first point of contact. Emily is welcoming, friendly, extremely helpful, super organised and very prompt in answering any questions I had. Emily’s hard work ensures that things run smoothly and efficiently.

 I was then very fortunate to get Dee as my counsellor. Dee was able to develop a plan and work with me to best achieve my career goals. Dee is very supportive, caring, understanding, knowledgeable, versatile, passionate, and always made herself available to help in any way she could. I can honestly say it’s because of her that I have now landed my first social work role since graduating in July this year.

If you are looking for any sort of career guidance then I really cannot recommend CCCA highly enough. I will continue to work with this fantastic team as I progress throughout my career.